PCB SolderMask-Finished Pattern Inspection system


Why need DVI

AOI industry for many years experiences, 2014 into the finished product inspection, to meet customer needs.

  • Inspect items are more than other brands models.
  • Using Inspection system can lower the cost and save time.
  • The sample cannot electrical testing, but also inspect open/short on the circuit.
  • Software independent development, no need to worry about after-sales service.

Inspection ability

With all kinds of test items, continuous upgrade program capabilities, the user operation more easily.

  • short circuit
  • open circuit
  • Bonding Finger size, space
  • gold-plating poor preforming, Nickel insufficient.
  • Solder mask shifted
  • Via fill depth is insufficient
  • The min. line width of inspection is 15um, the min. defect of inspection is 5 um.

Special Function

Software independent development, simple operation, inspection has multiple items and powerful, high-quality after-sales service.

  • Short, open circuit inspect function is powerful.
  • Professional Bonding Finger size and spacing inspect.
  • Gold plating surface inspection
  • Software self-development, attention to after-sales service
  • Professional Bonding Finger size and spacing inspect.


In order to meet the needs of various types of customers, we develop a variety of models for users to choose.

  • TSL-DVI-M1 models: Suitable for pre-purchase sampling, small-volume large-variety product, such as quality assurance departments.
  • TSL-DVI-P2 models: Before solder mask, the larger area of the Panel board sampling inspect.
  • TSL-DVI-A3 models: Automatic models, suitable for pre-shipment inspection of finished products.
  • GTS-V2 models: Affordable models, everything can be inspected.