Our Products

Over 20 years of excellence, we design automated optical inspection system and manufacture them. We also manufacture Laser Repair equipment and Electronic Test Fixture Production Software. We continuously keep improving product our products and increasing performance.

Film / Photomask / Reticle Inspection System

High-precision film/photomask inspection system The minimum detectable defect down to 1.5um with line width 4.5um.


Metal Mask / Stencil Inspection System

Ultra High-Speed Metal Mask/Stencil Inspection System. <35 Sec@5um/pixel (Inspection area 500*400mm)


PCB SolderMask-Finished Pattern Inspection System

The design of three in one which can inspect the circuit under solder mask, solder mask layer and golden finger/solder pad.


Fixture Production Software

Dominate the electrical test fixture design software.