Metal Mask / Stencil Inspection system


The course of Metal Mask/Stencil Inspection System

Tester Soft Ltd. Have stressed in AOI industry for a long time, we develop the Metal Mask/Stencil Inspection System in 2006 instead of human inspection.
There are some problems of human inspection. End user could not measure the aperture size by putting the measuring tools on the metal mask/stencil.
Because the contents of the metal mask/stencil is almost round hole, the worker is not easy to confirm whether the number of round holes is correct and other issues

What is AOI

The principle of AOI: Computer program is the core. The digital camera will capture the images, After the capturing the system will process the images with the pre-define recipe to detect the defects. The defects will be displayed for reviewing and repairing. The inspection system can reduce damages and promote product quality.

Advantages of AOI:

  • High resolution optical system can detect tiny circuits or tiny components.
  • High Throughput with low loss rate, especially in mass production can highlight the production efficiency.
  • Save all of the defect images for further analysis and traceability.

Compared with others inspection system advantage

Software program metal mask/stencil inspection system was developed by Tester Soft Ltd. We can modify to the reasonable needs of customers.

General metal mask/stencil of the inspection system if you encounter the original file and metal mask of the error can not be resolved. Metal mask of the Tester Soft inspection system developed the calculation of the number of holes function.
Because some customers need to increase the tension reading and bar code reading and other functions in the Metal Mask/Stencil inspection system, if there is no excellent software features and the ability to write their own software how to proceed.